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As we venture back into the longest dark nights of the year where Nyx’s power is supreme, we delve deeper into the secrets her Winter Solstice story reveals…

In the heart of our dense forest is the largest and most sacred tree yet to be discovered by many. The grand world olive tree as it is called, Athena the goddess of wisdom & crafts caused the events that paved the way for how it came to be. Many millennia ago during the Contest of Attica, she struck a rock with her spear splintering the first branches of this tree whilst she defeated Poseidon, the god of the sea.

The moment you enter the aurora of this mystical world tree, you can feel its glow from as far the eye can see. As you near, the immense enormity of its trunk comes into focus, along with the intricate organic patterns within its interwoven network of forked branches that evolved over aeons. During the Winter Solstice the bioluminescent fauna and flora comes to life and the entire area illuminates at its peak, it feels your presence and provides a visual spectacle of creativity & healing to behold as a reward.

Whilst many live to see the world tree in a positive light, there’s a threat that seeks to destroy it from well below the surface. These mischievous goblins and gnome-like creatures with long dark tails called the Kallikantzaroi are afraid of the sun and spend the majority of their time living underground hard at work in an attempt to saw down the world tree from its roots. That is of course until the one time of year they climb to the surface to spread their impish chaos above ground, during the Winter Solstice.

These troublesome little imps, maybe up to twenty and furthermore, cause all sorts of mischief and mayhem. Don’t be surprised if they try to deceive by stealing your hat or by shapeshifting into a cat, they speak with a lisp while roaming around confused and unpredictable. Each of them have their own games and traits, some eat everything in sight, others may grab your arm and compel you to dance with them until you pass out if they find you wandering late at night. Watch out over the Winter Solstice for the Kallikantzaroi…

Whilst they are out causing havoc late at night, the tree heals completely underground in their absence until they return to continue sawing its roots, and thus the cycle continues. Thousands of years pass and the tree still stands strong, resembling peace whilst it holds up the earth for eternity, giving fruits and enrichment of the lives to those lucky enough to find it…

This is a pivotal moment in the NYX Timeline. In our first year NYX was born out of the darkness.
Next came the rejuvenation, and our focus shifted from the dark to the light. Now it is time for us to
all unite under the World Tree, as we move forward into a new world.

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