Solis Oculus Art Temple - Art Gallery

Welcome to the Solis Oculus Art Temple! Our celebrated artists welcome you to journey through this union of earth and sky through the vast collection of visionary artworks exhibited. In neo-classical architecture, the ceilings spiral opening or “oculus” was designed so the temple’s interior can see light while allowing those in the vicinity to contemplate the heavens visually. It links architecture to the cosmos. With this in mind, we invite each viewer to gaze upon each artwork in a new light, unveiling their truth and beauty, and inspire…

Our Art Gallery features work of art available to purchase from artists both local and across Australia. The construction itself was made from bamboo and hessian to create an organic feel to it, as well as keep the colour of the space light, making it feel large. In the center it was open with a bamboo structure with netting across it, designed as a chill space in the Art Gallery to unwind for a bit, staring up into the night sky.

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