Production & VJs

Enter the mesmerizing world of NYX festival and let the visual journey begin with our lineup of VJs. Armed with cutting-edge technology and an artistic vision, the VJ weaves a spellbinding tapestry of sights and sounds that elevate the music to new heights. The VJ’s visuals not only enhance the sensory experience, but they also hold the power to tell a story. Whether it’s a moment of reflection or an explosion of energy, our VJ’s and multimedia artist’s creations are an integral part of NYX festival’s atmosphere and message.

We welcome back PHOSPHOROUS to our VJ crew, and we are super proud to announce a mind bending Australian Debut and addition to NYX Festival 2023 – The Sacred Tree that Far North Queensland has never experienced before… REM visuals (ISR/USA) – who will be bringing you non stop live visuals on the NYX stage, that will leave you absolutely perplexed!

Aya sound and production
Aya Sound and Production
Far north Photons
Far North Photons
Highpoint Studios
Highpoint Studios
Kinetic sound
Kinetic Sound
Phos visuals
Phosphorus Visuals
REM Visuals
Specific Audio Solutions
Visual Addiction
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