Yuli Fershtat

Please welcome a very special guest for NYX Festival 2024… Yuli Fershtat!!!

Russian born, California based, Israeli electronic music producer. He relocated to Israel at the age of 11. He gained global recognition within two years after his emergence in February 2005.

His music is a fusion of progressive trance and techno, enriched with tribal and psychedelic elements.

Notably, he has performed at major festivals such as Boom, Ozora, Rainbow Serpent, Symbiosis Gathering and countless more across the planet.

Fershtat’s musical work, often associated with the “Digital Structures” label, focuses on tech-oriented sounds that blend nostalgic components with innovative compositions. His discography includes albums, remixes, and compilations, many of which feature tracks released between 2005 and 2013 on prominent labels like Iboga Records, Yellow Sunshine Explosion, and Flow Records.

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